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0800 650 654 24/7 Victims Information Line

Contact details for government agencies

Police / Police Prosecutions Service
For complaints about Police or a Police Prosecutor

Crown Solicitor / Prosecutor
For complaints relating to the prosecution of a case by a Crown Solicitor

For complaints about court staff

  • Talk to, or send a letter to, your Court Victim Advisor or local Court Manager.
  • Make a complaint online.
  • Or complete the Victims' Complaints and Feedback form and:
    • email it to victimscentre@justice.govt.nz
    • post it to Victims Centre, SX10125, Wellington 6140, or
    • hand it in to your local court (and they will pass it on to the Victims Centre).
For complaints about a judge's conduct

  • Call the Judicial Conduct Commissioner on 0800 800 323.
  • Or complete a complaint form, available at www.jcc.govt.nz

The Judicial Conduct Commissioner or Ministry of Justice cannot consider complaints relating to a judicial decision, such as a sentence for an offender.

Department of Corrections
For complaints relating to information about a sentenced offender

New Zealand Parole Board
For complaints relating to parole hearings and extended supervision orders

Ministry of Health
For complaints relating to information about a mentally impaired defendant

  • Write to the Director of Mental Health, Office of the Director of Mental Health, PO Box 5013, Wellinton 6145, or
  • Email info@health.govt.nz
Child, Youth and Family
For complaints relating to young offenders and family group conferences

  • Call 0508 FAMILY (0508 326 459), or
  • Complete a complaint form, available from your local Child, Youth and Family office or at www.cyf.govt.nz.
  • You can read more in Feedback and complaints (PDF, 1.54MB)
Worksafe New Zealand
For complaints about the prosecution of a workplace crime

  • Call 0800 030 040 or email feedback@worksafe.govt.nz, or
  • Write to Feedback and Complaints, Worksafe New Zealand, PO Box 165, Wellington 6140.
Immigration New Zealand
For complaints relating to notification of an offender's deportation status