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Chief Victims Advisor welcomes new family violence response pilot

Chief Victims Advisor Kim McGregor is welcoming yesterday's announcement that a multi-agency family violence initiative will be piloted in Christchurch from July this year.

Dr McGregor says the Integrated Safety Response (ISR) pilot is a great initiative aimed at protecting women and children from violence, and better managing perpetrator behaviour and encouraging behavioural change.

"I am pleased to see the Government introducing another new intervention that aims to reduce and prevent further harm," says Dr McGregor.

"I am particularly pleased to see the increased levels of co-ordination and infrastructure that this stand alone multi-agency case management model will provide, including dedicated roles for director, co-ordinator, administration support and frontline family violence specialists.

"Having specialists as a single point of contact to assist those at high risk of further family violence harm is important for vulnerable people trying to navigate a complex system.

"We all know New Zealand has extremely high rates of family violence so I am encouraged by the huge focus government currently has in addressing this widespread and harmful social problem.

"Those affected by family violence currently struggle to navigate the system and find it difficult to know which of the multiple agencies that work in this area to turn to. This initiative encourages all relevant agencies to work together to ensure that those affected receive a co-ordinated and tailored response that addresses their risks and needs.

"I look forward to seeing the evaluation of the Integrated Safety Response pilot later this year," says Dr McGregor.

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