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Disclosure scheme helping to prevent violence

The scheme is being used to provide concerned partners, relatives or friends information on a partner’s violence history.

Under the Family Violence Information Disclosure Scheme, potential victims of family violence, or concerned relatives or friends, can request information relating to the violence history of a new partner. 

Police can also proactively release information if they believe someone is a risk from their partner.

The scheme has been used 158 times since it was launched in December 2015, with 117 approved for disclosures to be made. Once a request has been received, a decision is made as to whether the disclosure can be made to individuals who must meet set criteria under the scheme’s policy.

Justice Minister Amy Adams said the scheme allows people to make informed choices about their relationship and safety. “We know that it has already helped a number of people to make the decision to remove themselves from a potentially violent relationship.”  

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