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Family violence pilot helps over 24,000 people

Core agencies and family violence NGOs work together to respond to family violence incidents in the Integrated Safety Response pilot. 

The Integrated Safety Response (ISR) pilot aims to better support family violence victims by improving safety and stopping family violence escalating by identifying risks and intervening earlier.

More than 8,000 safety plans have been developed through the pilot between July 2016 and the start of February, helping over 24,000 people.

In the pilot, agencies and NGOs work together to help families experiencing violence get the support they need to stay safe. It has been running in Christchurch since July 2016 and in Waikato since October 2016.

There have been 776 cases reported per month through the pilot in Christchurch and 951 per month in Waikato. Of these, between 7 and 11 per cent are high risk cases which require intensive intervention involving Independent Victim Specialists and Perpetrator Outreach Services.

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