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Police release videos on reporting sexual assault

The videos aim to help people know what to expect when reporting sexual assault and to debunk myths around sexual assault.

The videos cover the reporting process, consent and some of the reasons why people may choose not to report sexual assaults to Police. They can be accessed on the Police YouTube channel(external link).

The video, Reporting Sexual Assault To Police(external link), covers what happens when someone reports, the interviews, the medical check up and emotional support available. Each step can also be watched separately - how to report(external link), the first interview(external link), emotional support(external link), medical check up(external link) and the formal interview(external link).

“Knowing what to expect can debunk myths and alleviate fears and that’s our aim,” said Detective Superintendent Tim Anderson, National Crime Manager. “We hope by releasing these videos we will help people by showing them what happens throughout the process.”

As part of the package, Police have also created videos featuring university students sharing their views on Why People Don’t Report Sexual Assault (external link)and Sexual Consent. (external link)Dr Cathy Stephenson from Medical Sexual Assault Clinicians Aotearoa also gives some quick facts about Sexual Violence (external link)and Sexual Consent. (external link)

There is a survey on the Police website(external link) which gives victims of sexual assault the opportunity to give feedback to Police about their experience.

Information on support services available for victims/survivors of sexual assault can be found here(external link)

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