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The judge can order the offender to pay you money if you've suffered emotional harm or lost property as a result of a crime. This is known as reparation.

If you need to talk to someone about getting your reparation call 0800 909 909 or email Fines.Enquiry@justice.govt.nz

How the process works

During the sentencing process, the Judge will ask for a report to help them decide how much reparation the offender has to pay. The judge will consider how much damage or cost you have incurred and the offender’s ability to pay.

If reparation is ordered by the judge you will be sent a Reparation Notice that tells you how much the offender has been ordered to pay.

The offender generally has 28 days to pay the court in full or to arrange payment by instalments.

In some cases a judge will include instructions with the reparation order about how payments are to be made, for example ordering that payment be made by instalments of a certain amount, or order that the reparation be paid by a specific date.

Receiving payments

The court receives the payment on your behalf and once the payments have cleared, forwards the payment to you by direct credit or by cheque.

The fastest way to receive your payment from the court is by direct credit. To arrange this, call 0800 909 909 with your bank account details.

What if the offender doesn't pay?

The court will look after this for you. The court may make compulsory deductions from the offender's wages, benefit or bank account, seize and sell their property or stop them leaving the country.

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