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0800 650 654 24/7 Victims Information Line

Reporting a crime

You may be worried about reporting a crime to the police – you may be worried about what your family will think, you might be frightened of pay back or you could be worried about a loss of privacy – but there are good reasons for reporting a crime.

Why to report a crime

By reporting a crime, you can:

Remember, you can discuss your options with police before deciding if you will formally report the crime.

Get help to report a crime

You can read more about how to report a crime, including information on who can report the crime (it doesn’t have to be just the victim), or watch the short video below.

Call the Victims Information Line on 0800 650 654 to find out about support agencies in your area. Support agencies can talk to you about the process and your options and help you to report a crime.


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