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0800 650 654 24/7 Victims Information Line

How to report

If it’s an emergency, call 111 and ask for the police. When it’s not an emergency you can call or visit your local police station(external link)

You can take a support person or ask Victim Support to meet you (Victim Support 0800 842 846).

A report should be made as soon as possible after the crime occurs. This enables the police to investigate the crime before valuable evidence is lost or destroyed.

Who can report the crime?

Anyone who knows about a crime can report it to the police. This includes:

Making a report

When you make a report, tell the police exactly what happened. The police officer will write down what you say.

After you have reported a crime, the police will:

Police reference number

After you have made your report (also called a ‘complaint’), the police will give you a Police NIA reference number or a Police File Number (PFN). You should refer to this number when you contact the police.

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