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0800 650 654 24/7 Victims Information Line

If the accused contacts you

It's very common for a victim of crime to know the person who committed the crime. The accused person might try to contact you to:

You should avoid any contact with the accused person or their lawyer.

Contact the police officer in charge of your case if:

Non-contact orders

If you are a victim of a violent offence and the offender was sent to prison for more than 2 years you might be able to get a non-contact order (also called Victims’ Orders against Violent Offenders).

A non-contact order stops an offender from contacting you in any way. The judge can impose special conditions, depending on each case. Orders may stop an offender from living or working in particular areas, or visiting those areas.

An order can also cover an offender’s associates.

How to apply for a non-contact order

You can apply to the court for a non-contact order at any time after the offender has been sentenced.

Go to the Ministry of Justice website(external link) for more information and application forms to apply for a non-contact order.

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