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0800 650 654 24/7 Victims Information Line

Strengthening safety services

If you are a victim of family violence and you have a matter before the court you can access safety services straight away to help keep you and your children safe.

The Strengthening Safety Service recognises that people who are waiting for a protection order to be made, and victims of family violence in the criminal courts, can be at their most vulnerable when proceedings first begin.

What is the Strengthening Safety Service

The Strengthening Safety Service provides free, confidential and immediate assistance to victims of family violence. The service is available for people 17 years and over who have a family violence matter before the court.

If you want help staying safe, the court will refer you to a safety services provider (this might be a provider you are already connected with).

The service provider will try and contact you within one working day by phone to help you deal with immediate safety issues and work out how you and your children can be protected from further harm.

What is safety planning?

 A safety plan can help you, whether or not you choose to stay in or leave an abusive relationship.

Safety plans include different strategies - like keeping a list of important phone numbers and copies of important documents, or making the area around your home safer - to help keep your home, work, social and online environments safe.

More information about family violence safety services

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