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Christchurch Mosque attacks: information for victims

Kia ora and Assalaamu alaikum

This page contains information for the victims, families and those affected by the attacks on the two Christchurch Mosques on 15 March 2019.

There is information to help you know what to expect at court, answers to questions you may have and some useful resources around wellbeing.

We also have information factsheets and guides translated into multiple languages.

These pages will be updated with more information in the coming weeks, so make sure you check back in regularly.


Wellbeing Support

If you or someone you know needs emotional support, help is available.

This page includes information and resources that you and your family may like to use when thinking about your wellbeing, both before and during the sentencing.

See what wellbeing support is available.


Translated Resources

Find frequently asked questions about court process and sentencing, plus information about court services for victims, translated into several languages.

See the translated resources here.


FAQs and factsheets

These questions and answers help explain the court process, victim impact statements and what supports you can access. You can also find other useful information such as glossaries of terms you may hear in court, and the role of the Media in New Zealand courts.

See the Frequently Asked Questions and other Factsheets here.


Christchurch Information

For victims and support people who have travelled to Christchurch for the sentencing, we have included some information on staying in Christchurch to make your stay a little easier.

Find out more about visiting Christchurch.


More information

If you have more questions or you need more support please contact your Court Victim Advisor, Victim Support person or Police Family Liaison Officer know. They can refer you for support.

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