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Wellbeing information and support

If you or someone you know is struggling, help is available.

Your wellbeing is important and coming to court in person or viewing the sentencing may trigger memories and emotions that are distressing. 

If you or someone you know is struggling, the information and resources below provide help, support and practical ideas for you to think about before and during sentencing.

This information may be helpful for you even if you feel you were not as directly affected as other people.

If you need emotional support, let your Court Victim Advisor or Victim Support person know. They can help connect you to the supports that are right for you.


Wellbeing for yourself

Here are some helpful resources to use when thinking about your own personal wellbeing:

Remember, please let your Court Victim Advisor, Victim Support worker or Police Family Liaison Officer know if you need emotional support. They can refer you for more help.

You can also make an appointment with your GP. They can provide support or refer you to local community services.


Wellbeing for your family

The attacks have had a devastating effect on families. Support is available for anyone that may need a little help.

Below are a list of helpful tips and resources that can help you to provide your family with the support they need.

Wellbeing for children
The confusing and frightening emotions many people have felt following the attacks may be even more pronounced in children.

Find out what you can do to support children and young people to cope with a major event.(external link)

Wellbeing in isolation

If you are in managed isolation as part of your entry into New Zealand for the sentencing, or do not have many support people or family nearby and are spending time alone, here are things you can do to help look after your wellbeing:

The Ministry of Health offers guidance on wellbeing in self-isolation(external link), which has useful advice for anyone spending time alone or isolated.


Wellbeing with the media

Under New Zealand law the media are the public’s eyes and ears so New Zealanders can see the law being applied fairly and impartially. Open justice is an important part of New Zealand’s justice system. All court proceedings are open to the media (except if there is a risk to New Zealand’s security or defence).

The attacks and the court have attracted media attention from around the world. You may be approached by the media when coming to the sentencing.

Our Dealing with the media page offers tips and information for victims.

We also have information around coping with media attention after a homicide(external link), which may help you know what to expect from the media for the Christchurch attacks.

If you have any concerns around the media, please speak to your Court Victim Advisor, Victim Support worker or Police Family Liaison Officer.  

It’s important to think about the media in terms of your wellbeing too, and the wellbeing of your family. You might need to consider taking a break from social media for a while, or think about younger family members being around when you watch the news.


Need someone to talk to?

Whether you feel directly affected by the Christchurch attacks, or are part of the wider community, support is available if you would like someone to talk to.


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