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0800 650 654 24/7 Victims Information Line

Financial support after someone dies

If someone in your family dies as a result of a criminal act, you can get help to cover some of your financial needs.

Financial grants

Financial grants are available to help you cover some of the costs related to the crime, including a lump sum payment, counselling sessions and assistance with travel costs to attend court hearings.

Grants are administered by Victim Support on behalf of the Ministry of Justice.

For information on current grant amounts, and help with applying, contact Victim Support on 0800 842 846 or see financial assistance for victims of serious crimes.


ACC may be able to provide the following types of financial support:

The families of New Zealand residents fatally injured on a short trip overseas, or the family of visitors who are fatally injured in New Zealand, may also qualify for ACC support.

For information on current payment amounts, and assistance with making a claim, go to www.acc.co.nz(external link) or call the claim information line on 0800 101 996.

Funeral grant for families of homicide victims

Families of homicide victims (murder or manslaughter) are able to claim a top-up to the existing ACC funeral grant. Families of homicide victims may claim up to $10,000 for funeral or memorial costs.

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