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0800 650 654 24/7 Victims Information Line

Court victim advisors

If you're a victim of a crime that is before the court, the police or the prosecuting agency will give your details to the court. A court victim advisor will then contact you and offer to assist you through the court process.

You can also call the Victims Information Line on 0800 650 654 and ask to speak to a court victim advisor in your area.

Prosecuting agencies can refer a victim to a court victim advisor by completing this form and giving it to the court hearing the case [PDF, 621 KB]

What does a court victim advisor do?

Court victim advisors provide information to victims of criminal offences – including in the Youth Court - from the defendant’s first day in court, until sentencing and through any appeals. This is a free service.

You'll usually see the same court victim advisor throughout the whole case. Your court victim advisor can:

Your court victim advisor may also be able to help you with your victim impact statement, which tells the court how the crime has affected you. Victim Support(external link) and the Police can also help you with this.

After the hearing, your court victim advisor can explain the court's decision and - if the offender is sent to prison - help you register on the Victim Notification Register so you can be told when the offender has parole hearings or is released.

Sexual violence victim advisors

Victims of sexual violence have access to specialist court victim advisors who are experienced in working with sexual violence. The sexual violence victim advisor will explain the court process, help you understand what is happening and when, and tell you when the offender will be in court.

You can read more about support for victims of sexual violence in Sexual violence.

Child witnesses

Young victims and witnesses can access the Court Education for Young Witnesses programme. This is a programme offered by court victim advisors for all young witnesses in adult courts (except defendants). A court victim advisor will tell you what happens in court, who sits where and who does what. They can also take you to visit the courtroom.

Any young witness or their support person can get in touch with the court victim advisor at the court to ask for this service. Call 0800 650 654 and ask to speak to a court victim advisor in your area.

You can read more about how child witnesses give evidence in court.

More information about court victim advisors

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