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0800 650 654 24/7 Victims Information Line

Feedback and complaints

There are lots of community organisations and government agencies that provide services to victims of crime. They all aim to meet the standards set out in the Victims Code.

If organisations and agencies have been doing a good job, let them know. Feedback helps them to keep doing the things that are working well and make improvements to things that aren’t working as well.

However, if you believe you haven’t been treated fairly then you have the right to make a complaint. Call the Victims Information Line on 0800 650 654 if you need help making a complaint.

Contact details for government agencies
Police / Police Prosecutions Service
For complaints about Police or a Police Prosecutor

Crown Solicitor / Prosecutor
For complaints relating to the prosecution of a case by a Crown Solicitor

For complaints about court staff


For complaints about a judge's conduct

  • Call the Judicial Conduct Commissioner on 0800 800 323.
  • Or complete a complaint form, available at www.jcc.govt.nz

The Judicial Conduct Commissioner or Ministry of Justice cannot consider complaints relating to a judicial decision, such as a sentence for an offender.

Department of Corrections
For complaints relating to information about a sentenced offender

New Zealand Parole Board
For complaints relating to parole hearings and extended supervision orders

Ministry of Health
For complaints relating to information about a mentally impaired defendant

  • Write to the Director of Mental Health, Office of the Director of Mental Health, PO Box 5013, Wellinton 6145, or
  • Email info@health.govt.nz.
Child, Youth and Family
For complaints relating to young offenders and family group conferences

  • Call 0508 FAMILY (0508 326 459), or
  • Complete a complaint form, available from your local Child, Youth and Family office or at www.cyf.govt.nz.
  • You can read more in Feedback and complaints (PDF, 1.54MB)
Worksafe New Zealand
For complaints about the prosecution of a workplace crime

  • Call 0800 030 040 or email feedback@worksafe.govt.nz, or
  • Write to Feedback and Complaints, Worksafe New Zealand, PO Box 165, Wellington 6140.
Immigration New Zealand
For complaints relating to notification of an offender's deportation status

Civil Aviation Authority
For complaints about Civil Aviation Authority