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0800 650 654 24/7 Victims Information Line

Restorative justice services

A restorative justice conference in an informal, facilitated meeting between a victim, offender, support people, and any other approved people, such as community representatives or interpreters.

Restorative justice takes place before an offender is sentenced in court. Find out more about what happens at a restorative justice conference

You can contact a court victim advisor on 0800 650 654 to find out more about restorative justice.

Restorative justice gives victims a voice

At a restorative justice conference, you will have the chance to:

A trained facilitator will make sure you are kept safe and supported at the conference and that the discussions stay on track. You will be encouraged to bring support people with you.

Who provides restorative justice services?

Restorative justice services are run by community-based groups that are contracted by the Ministry of Justice. Māori providers are available in many areas. Restorative justice providers are approved by the Ministry of Justice to ensure they have the experience and training to make sure the restorative justice process is safe and supportive for everyone.

Tell your court victim advisor or the police officer managing your case if you want to find out more about restorative justice.

The restorative justice process

The below diagram explains how the restorative justice process works. The victim or offender can cancel the process at any time.

Diagram showing restorative justice process

More information about restorative justice
Read about your right to be told about restorative justice

Right to be given information about programmes, remedies and services

Victims of crime have the right to be told about programmes, remedies or services for victims. This might include services where you can meet with the offender (this could be at a restorative justice conference or family group conference).

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