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0800 650 654 24/7 Victims Information Line

Sexual violence

Sexual violence is an extremely serious crime. The effects can be traumatic and long lasting. The effects of sexual violence will vary, everyone is different.

Sexual violence is never the fault of the victim-survivor.

Visit our website for people affected by sexual violence at

sexualviolence.victimsinfo.govt.nz/(external link)

Your safety and protection

It doesn’t matter how long ago the crime happened – or whether you have reported it to the police – you can still get help and support.

Sexual violence support services can give you practical advice about staying safe, help you decide whether you would like to report the crime to the police and support you when you make a report (if you want to do this).

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More information about sexual violence

Read our factsheet for victims of sexual violence

For people affected by sexual violence [PDF, 766 KB].

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