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0800 650 654 24/7 Victims Information Line

Support and assistance

It is important to find the support that is right for you. There are agencies in your area who can offer specialist emotional and practical support.

Call the Victims Information Line on 0800 650 654 or see Information and services for victims to find out about agencies near you.

Personal support
Victim Support(external link) - 0800 842 846

Victim Support provides a free 24/7 community response to help victims of serious crime and trauma. Victim Support offers free emotional and practical support, information, referral to other support services and advocacy for the rights of victims.

Rape Crisis(external link) – 0800 88 33 00

Rape Crisis is a national network of centres that provide support and information for survivors of rape and sexual abuse and their families and friends.

Skylight Trust(external link) (National Sexual Violence Survivor Advocacy service) - 0800 299 100

Skylight Trust supports the National Sexual Violence Survivor Advocates to help victim-survivors of sexual violence access advocacy services run by Louise Nicholas.

Find Support (ACC Sensitive Claims team)(external link) – 0800 735 566

ACC funds therapy for people who have experienced sexual abuse or assault. You don’t have to have a physical injury to get ACC-funded help. You also don’t have to have reported the incident to the police.

Sexual violence victim advisor - 0800 650 654

If your case goes to court, you may be able to get support from a sexual violence victim advisor. The sexual violence victim advisor will explain the court process, help you understand what is happenening, and tell you when the defendant will be in court.

Financial support

You can get financial assistance to help with safety and/or relocation expenses and the costs of attending court. Read about what assistance you can get and current amounts.

ACC (Sensitive Claims Team)(external link) - 0800 735 566

If you suffer an injury as a result of sexual assault or sexual violence or would like therapy, ACC may be able to help pay some of your costs.

Work and Income(external link) - 0800 559 009

If you suffer an injury as a result of sexual assault or sexual violence, WINZ may be able to help you with your living expenses (this is means tested).

More information about sexual violence

Visit our website for people affected by sexual violence at

https://sexualviolence.victimsinfo.govt.nz/(external link).

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